Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Quantum theory and mechanics of Prayer, or Living with the Power of the Universe

The definition of “quantum theory” is (physics) a physical theory that certain properties occur only in discrete amounts. Quantum mechanics accounts for this matter at the atomic level. The branch of mathematical physics that deals with atomic and subatomic systems. It is concerned with phenomena that are so small-scale that they cannot be described in classical terms. It explained the structure of atoms, atomic nuclei, and molecules; the behavior of subatomic particles; the nature of chemical bonds; the properties of crystalline solids; nuclear energy; and the forces that stabilize collapsed stars. It also led directly to the development of the laser, the electron microscope, and the transistor, and this is just the beginning.
How to apply the quantum theory and mechanics of prayer into your daily life.  The power of prayer is in the prayer itself. Know that you are not separated from God or the Universe itself, you are part and parcel of both and there is no separation possible, (other than in your own mind).   Jesus said if you had faith the size of mustard seed you can move mountains. He was describing the subatomic particles of the Great Mystery of the “Circle of life.”  The connection between the Creator and all things, and beyond, “I am that I am.” This is the place of power from which all life and faith comes, the place we, and all creation is born.

When you start your prayer remember there is no separation from God, find gratitude for this, acceptance, and love, with a good heart find your place in the great Circle of life and know this is the way it should be. State your prayer clearly in a simple way so that you understand its meaning. Then put your prayers into action. Remember to open your mind and heart to receive.  Have no fear to walk knowing it is so, for prayer is an action.  Remember that prayer is always complete when gratitude is given. 


  1. Have no fear to walk knowing it is so, for prayer is an action. Remember that prayer is always complete when gratitude is given...I love this and am grateful for this message today! Pilamiya, Wopila, Pinigigi, Gene Stone, for being a wise Elder and sharing this with ME....and everyone else. Love, laughter, peace, and harmony send your way today through my voice for your beautiful family! Please say hello to Joyce from me please. Mitakuye Oyasin!!!

  2. Aho Maza Chagl' Oyate. Many blessing for your family as well.