Saturday, November 23, 2013

Walking across the Skies of Sacred Rainbows

Oh Great Spirit, Grandfather, Grandmother,

You walk together hand-in-hand
across the sky of the Sacred Earth Mother,
walking with great beauty
with your robes of stars trailing along behind you as the milky way,
you walk on rainbows
coming to us in the sacred hoop.

Your gifts of love keep the heart of we,
the two legged people, beating with the breath of life.
We stand before you with our hearts filled
from the Sacred Mountain.

We ask only to give away and share the gifts of this hoop,
this sacred ceremony, as we come out of this circle
into this land of beauty that you have asked us to hold
and take care of for you, Grandfather.

We see many of our brothers and sister
are sick in their hearts and bodies,
and the Earth Mother cries with tears of the souls
of many who now walk upon the rainbows with you.

We know that if one child cries or is sick
it is because the sacred hoop of love is broken by hate and lies.
We have only to listen to our hearts and speak the truth
that is spoken within the great circle of life.

The power of our vision, Oh Great Spirit, is within our hands.
We have only to speak it and share it, each in our own way.
I hear you speaking Grandfather, form the Sacred Place,
from Pa-ha Wast-ta: The Mountain Beautiful.

You call to us to sing in a sacred way,
and to dance in a sacred way
so that we might heal ourselves.
In doing so also heal others, as the sacred circle fills
and ever expands with all human beings
and our understanding of all living things grows,
with the light from within.

So that we may stand before you Grandfather,
in a Sacred Way.

Eagle that Flies through Two Skies

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